The Top business industrialist the world should emulate

The Top business industrialist the world should emulate

There is an excellent desirable business industrialist that is necessary to the world in automobiles, the world don’t need intelligent people anymore, rather the world need smart people with skillful ability just like innocent ifediaso chukwuma, the business businessman the world should emulate, the honcho of innoson Nigeria limited who deals in manufacturing automobiles such as Hyundai, Nissan and trucks. he is everyday muse to all business industrialist and he continue to grow bigger.

Innoson ifediaso chukwuma known as innoson is the first indigenous manufacturer in Nigeria who has industries in emene, enugu state and nnewi, anambra state his home town. He is the industrialist who every new entrepreneur ought to  emulate.

The honcho of innoson company who was born in 1961 in the family of chukwuma mojekwu and was youngest in the family of six. Innoson stooped  school in 1981 to pursue his career where he focused, who start trading in spare parts before establishing himself to become the owner of innoson motors.

Career high

the business businessman the world should learn from, in  2013 was one of the successful years of innoson, when the former governor of anambra state peter obi (okwute ndi igbo) was close to conclude his two tenure in office as the governor, he decides to keep a legacy and to promote an indigene who is growing up in industry by giving him a contract to distribute hiace vehicle to all schools in anambra state which brought a huge income to him.

That same year, government came up with a brand new policy aimed at stopping the importation of completely assembled automobile and encouraging local manufacturing companies such as innoson Nigeria limited who has captured the look of Hyundai and nissan to successful completion

Some of innoson unveiled cars include IVM G80,IVM G40 and IVM G6, the acronym ivm means innoson vehicle manufacturing company which is a great move.


Awards and honors

  • Innoson was selected to be the deputy chairman board of trustees in national alliance for jonathan presidency.
  • The business industrialist innoson was bestowed with honorary life vice president of Nigeria association of chambers of commerce, industry mines and agriculture (NACCIMA)
  • The business mogul was presented with the highest ward of outstanding indigenous entrepreneur in the manufacturing sector by enugu chamber of commerce, industry, mines and agriculture (ECCIMA)
  • Innoson motors was given an honor as the order of republic (OFR).

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