Underwriters enlighten Nigerians on the importance of early financial planning

Underwriters enlighten Nigerians on the importance of early financial planning

Financial planning entails many coordinated processes that culminates into the objectives or intended results. Hence, people are left with series of opinions with regards to which plan or approach is most suitable and reliable.

However, insurers are concerned about the policies in place and how they could be translated into independent financial freedom come 2020.

Stakeholders have called on Nigerians to take a wise financial strategy in kick-starting the new year so as to actualise set goals for the coming year.

It is noted that majority of individual towards the end of each year tend to set new goals and achievable plans as against the new year.

Thus, on the issue of financial planning, Alex Edafe chief operating officer of AXA Mansard investment Limited, admonished that it is imperative to take financial steps that will enhance goal achievement In the new year.
Majority have not been able to achieve these goals due to illiteracy, lack of self control and determination to stick to rules.

He went further to state that financial plans vary from person to person and can be categorised into long term, short term and medium term plan. The medium term plan varies from individual to individual. However what is pertinent is the actualising of the goals.

He also stated that financial independence can be achieved with focus.
After an ex-ray of the plans, he however urged individuals to invest in the AXA Mansard money market mutual fund which enables unit holder capital preservation and a cool return.

He went further to state that the fund is in liquid form, thus, giving room for unit holders to liquidate funds within 24hours. This can be made possible If one has a minimum amount of N1,000 through any of the multi faceted offline channels that is managed by AXA mansard.

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