National assembly assets loose insurance cover owing to unpaid premium of 2bn

National assembly assets loose insurance cover owing to unpaid premium of 2bn

In addition to the rumors trailing the renovation fund of the national assembly complex Worth over 37bn, another allegation has hit the roof that the complex of the national Assembly has lost its insurance cover over all assets and movables in the complex which is valued at 73 billion.

This fate that has befallen the public servants and the assets on the floor of the complex is a pure indication of the administrative default open to the system.

In the 2020 budget, the sum of 37bn was set aside for the renovation of the complex, the white house in particular.

Report available shows that the complex has lost its insurance cover owing to a whooping 2bn insurance premium liability.

A reliable source document shows the cost of all liabilities of the national assembly as follows: Senate vehicles-716,660,142.60;
House of reps:430,357,518.63; management vehicles-170,964,052.50; group life insurance Scheme-736,356,157.10,
Total: 2,054,337,870.83

The issues had been previously raised in recent times before appropriate authorities of the Assembly. Yet, nothing was done tk curtail the problem.

Record has it that what led to the disclosure of this information was basically previous budgets that failed to make provision for the premium of the insurance cover.

Senator Adeyemi Smart on the floor of the Assembly stated that there has been gross anomaly and misconduct in the previous and present administration

Also,he added that electioneering process in Nigeria has never been free or fair, so one would not expect less. He further stressed that military government is far better than the democracy of the present dispensation.

However, the senator continues to lament about the bad leadership system and the in negligible act of executive and Parliamentary alike. He was however stopped by the senate President Ahmed Lawan who presided over the plenary.

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