Policies proposed as protection against cyber-crime by insurer

Policies proposed as protection against cyber-crime by insurer

As the popular saying goes: “every good thing has its bad side.” Technology also has a bad side, including issues like cyber crime, despite being a great tool for advancement and development in companies.In a breakfast meeting with the Nigerian – British Chamber of Commerce in Lagos, themed “The double-edged sword-Technology advancement and data risks,” AXA represented by the Chief Executive Officer, AXA Mansard Health Limited, Tope Adeniyi, emphasized that organizations should buy insurance products that can protect and secure their customers’ data from cyber-crime risks.

According to him, confidentiality of customer data should be the highest priority of companies as the customer’s information is quite similar to the customer himself. He therefore suggested that companies should adopt a foolproof plan or solution to cyber-crimes as information is paramount in this 21st century.

Adeniyi also disclosed that AXA Mansard was bent on making all sectors, including the health sector to embrace financial inclusion through technology.

“About 100 percent of the country’s population have accessed one form of health care or the other – be it structured or unstructured, yet less than four per cent of the population is insured on health insurance scheme.

” We intend to take advantage of technology to provide accessible and affordable health care solutions to Nigerians. Our major aim is to improve the quality of health care in Nigeria and even globally” he said.

The Director-General, Nigeria British Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Bunmi Afolabi, said AXA Mansard was invited as one of the panel discussants at the event to speak on its point of view as a user of technology.

She said: “technology cannot be avoided since it has come to stay. However there are risks involved in the use of technology, so we decided that as a chamber, it is monumental for us to enlighten our current and potential members on the need to take precautions against risks while scaling up their technology.

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