A man that Acted like female prostitute, confesses that he was sent from a marine kingdom. (18+ video)

A man that Acted like female prostitute, confesses that he was sent from a marine kingdom. This event took place on June 9th 2019 in  Mpape Abuja inside Ezikeoba Hotel.

This victim is always in the hotel all these prostitute girls normally stay and hustle, that men normally come to pick up and live also. But this one is a man and he has been inside that female runz girls room for almost two to three months now acting like a lady.


So recently someone find out that this is not a lady and he now told the management of the hotel,  the management of the hotel now decided to gather with some guys. So they gave one guy named Ebuka  5k to enter the room and act as if he want to f*ck and check if really the person was a guy or girl.


So Ebuka  entered, went to the man claiming to be a lady and they bargain and they agreed for 5k. Ebuka now told him strip na*ked so that they can make love but he refuses telling him to be n*ked either so that they can make love. That is when the Ebuka confirmed truly that he is a man.


Ebuka went out and told the hotel management that truly the lady they is a man not a woman. So immediately they went inside the room with some boys and ask him to n*ked himself to show truly he is a lady but  he refused.


They now drag him and tear his cloths and discover that he is a man not a woman and he have been acting  like a lady for over 3 months and men have been patronizing him.


According to people working in that hotel, they said is that room that men normally enter much to have s*x, which we don’t know if they are having s*x through the anus or he is giving them blow job.


According to them, the guy is they richest there that customers self use to wait him.

So they started beating him and they now asked him where are you from


He said:

‘I am send from a Marin kingdom, I am on assignment to collect people’s destiny and destroy they live’


He went further to beg for forgiveness that is not his fault, he was sent by the queen mother.


And guys there started to beat him up till Police came and took him away.

See Full videos and pictures below

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