“How A Call Girl I Picked Up Turned Out To Be From The Marine Kingdom. Turned me to a slave.” – Enugu-based trader.

This story was shared on Facebook and published on with permission from the user, who is identified as Don Nwakpanti in the media platform. All rights reserved.

“How A Call Girl I Picked Up Turned Out To Be From The Marine Kingdom. Turned me to a slave.” – Enugu-based trader.


“I know a lot of stories out der are fake, and people don’t want to listen to any thing again because they don’t want to fall victim of false stories, but this is real. Am only sharing this just to warn guyz out der. You gotta be careful with them girlz. Am not trying to ruin anybody’s business, so no ashawo should be angry with me, but am trying to warn guyz to be careful who dey pick up. I gain nothing from uploading fake story, so read or skip. Your choice.

It all happened on a Saturday evening. Am based in Enugu, and I do business in Ogbete main market so I work on Saturday. I have an electronics business and am doing very well. I also have a meat shop at Artisan market but my cousin is the manager dere. I went out one of my friend’s bachelor party at Nza Street, a popular place for babecue fish. We partied till almost 11:00pm when I decided to go home. I live alone at New Haven, so I drove past Otigba after dropping one of my guy off at IMT bus-stop.

I was in the mood for some enjoyment, and its not the first time Am picking up a babe to take home for the night. Sometimes I spent 5K. If the girl is all these over fresh yellow sisi, I may spend 10K. I drive a clean 2010 Corolla, so its not surprise that babez flocked to my car when I slowed down. There was a long line of dem as if they would never end, all half-clothed, some almost totally nak*d. I kept my window up and took my time to scan.

I suddenly spotted one average height girl that looked like a half-cast. Omo see skin. See bo*bs wey yellow pass sun. She seemed early twenty. She had small yam in her leg but its somehow cute though. The girl just stood and didn’t rush to me like others. I gestured to her, and am sure she came because my car is fine. The other girls cleared so I could talk to the one I wanted. We bargained and she said 5K. I’d been expecting 20K cos she’s too fine. I didn’t even argue, just picked her and drove to my house around New Haven primary school bus stop.

The girl said her name is Pamela, but I should call her Pammy. She was speaking very good English and sounded brilliant. I wondered why a smart girl would be on the street, but then I once picked a girl who turned out to be a second-class upper graduate of UNN. Such is life.

At home, she was acting shy and quiet. I asked her if she want to do this because I don’t touch people who are not willing. She said yes she’s game. I took her to bathroom because I don’t f*ck girls without them bathing first. She used my clean shirt as towel and wore another big polo. She was doing this in front of me and was acting shy. Shaa me I just wanted to do and sleep. I used protection and we went only one round because I was so tired. I was not even sure if she was satisfied, but I didn’t care. She will be paid so what is the big deal.


I remember I threw the condom away inside the dustbin in my bathroom. I fell asleep immediately and didn’t wake up until the next morning. She was already dressed and sitting at my bed, staring at me in my sleep. She scared me at first but I acted cool. She said: “Give me my money. I want to go”. I gave her the 5K and she told me to give her my number. The sex hadn’t been fantastic sef. Just plain old movement. I just gave her shaa and she dialed it into my phone. Nothing special.

Fast forward to next two weeks or so, I started missing her. I was surprised because I initially thought I won’t want her again, but I wanted her. I had to even call her to come to my place. I called her and she came. I was acting like a young boy in love, going extra mile to give her satisfaction, doing things I’ve never done before to woman with my mouth, and I was happy doing it.

And that was how it started. I became mad for this girl. I did everything she asked, gave her everything, even closing at 4:00pm to take her out. She is so beautiful that I wanted to kill every other guy that looks at her, but I juts held myself. I felt I was in love. The girl even started cooking for me and spending three to four day at once before going. She stays at Maryland with her friends, and I know her lodge. I started buying Kedi revive and Viagra to please her up to three rounds once. I was sleeping too much and feeling too weak, but I was crazy for her. She was not the talking type. Just wants to eat, sleep, hang out, watch film and f*ck, but I didn’t care.

It got so bad that she would request for 50K, 20K, 25K, and I would give her. My business was suffering because of too much hanging out and s*x. I was always too tired to go to work early. But I felt I was so happy and in love. I was already making plans to propose to her, but I didn’t say it out.

My saving Grace came the day I traveled to Nsukka to see my mom. My mom is a very prayerful woman, very spiritual. She actually called me and told me to drop everything and run back home to her. I was alarmed, thinking she as near her death.

I drove to Nsukka and immediately I entered the house, she shouted “Blood of Jesus!!!”

I was shocked. My mom said, “Ha ji nwa m. Ha enweta go nwa m. Ha ekechigo nwa m” wich emans, “They are holding my son. They have tied my son.” I asked her to calm down. And she told me that she can see chains all over me. I was shocked, because I know my mom as a very spiritual person. She can pray and has visions sometimes and her dream come to pass. She asked me who was in my life and how I met her. I didn’t tell her anything despite her nagging.

My mom started praying for me. She rubbed anointed oil and shook the house town with her praying. I felt sacred and confused, but she later allowed me to go and rest.

That night, my nightmares started. I would see old ugly women touching me, grabbing my b*lls, kissing me, chanting incantations. I cried and cried in my sleep. My mom came in and started praying. She prayed and prayed until I went back to sleep. I didn’t have dream again. The next night, the same night mare came up again. Old ugly women caressing and even biting me.

My mom refused to el tem return. My girl was calling me, but something in me prevented me from reply her calls or texts. I was so depressed and scared. I was confused. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. The headaches then started. I would have headache for hours and each time I try to sleep, the same night mare won’t let me.

It was too scary for me.

My mom then called her prayer group. Sister Nwachila who is part of Charismatic group in her parish, cos my mom is Catholic. They came home and immediately the sister saw me, she started screaming. The the kingdom they have bound to me is strong. They prayed and prayed and prayed. They sang and sang, and then they offered to spend the night in our house. The headache bothered mem, so when I slept, as usual, the night mare came again. When I woke up, I saw the warriors on their kneels, praying for me. The sister then said she knew the source of my problems, and that the girl I am dating is from a marine kingdom. A very strong one at that. That they have eaten deep into me and are controlling me. I wasn’t angry yet. Just scared and confused. And the headaches were killing me.

I had already sent four days in Nsukka, and I never once spoke to her all through that time. I was too afraid. I wondered how I would return to my shop. The headaches and lack of sleep were too much. The sister said they will go back to Enugu with me and pray for me. She said the queen of the marine kingdom was feeding on my sp*rm. I nearly died from fear.

I then knew how. The girl had been submitting my condom to them. She said they were holding me very deep and strong. My mother flew into prayer and cried her soul out. Fast forward to the day I drove to Enugu town with my mum and two prayer warriors, one of them, a guy was driving because my headache was too great. When we reached, I discovered that the girl had disappeared. No trace of her again. She took none of my properties. Just took her things and absconded, Sister said I should call her, which I did but she didn’t pick up. I called her friend who said she has travelled. Sister said the girl has transferred to another place to operate. They then began liberation on me and my house.

Today, I am a free man. My business is bouncing back again. I am no more having headache. I got to church more now. Am Catholic, and I pray more now. I don’t pick up dirty girls again and I am even very scared of ever having s*x again.

Guys, know who you are sleeping with. They could be running your life. Not everyone out dere is safe, because sex is a spiritual thing. You may just be feeding demons with pleasure. Learn how to be very prayerful and strong.

Good luck and stay safe.”


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